Machinery Preventative Maintenance Programmes (MPMP). 

We welcome and promote Machinery Preventative Maintenance Programmes in small and large companies alike as well as schools, colleges and universities. These Programmes are a scheduled service to your machinery. These services could be as small as a quick check over, light clean, oil and adjustments made through to full manufacturers recommended services, parts replaced, blades sharpened etc. (each machine differs). This is a fantastic way to keep your machine(s) in a good maintained condition. This sort of advanced forward thinking will reduce potentially costly machinery breakdowns, which cause havoc in most companies.
When a machine breaks down, not only are there replacement parts and labour to think of, there is also the fact that while that machine is down; it can't manufacture parts (which often then get sub-contracted out at a cost), generate income or even keep a member of your staff in gainful employment! By using Machinery Services North East to create a personal Machinery Preventative Maintenance Programme for your company you can generally cut back on machine downtime and expensive parts. 

These programmes are generally quarterly, six monthly or annually depending on specific machinery requirements. We charge our standard rate with a minimum call out of 4 hours plus travel to investigate your machinery and create a service plan for your approval. Once approved, we will create a service record sheet for each machine, including work carried out and parts replaced etc. We will supply you with a copy of this service sheet for your own records. We will then schedule your next visit, and call you one week before it is due for approval.
Priority call outs are also given to our customers using this service.
Prices are plus VAT & Payment on Completion. Parts are payable upfront prior to fitting.
Our aim is to create a good working relationship with you so that we will be your first thought for your future machinery servicing and repairs.